For new clients: how to handle your first escort?

For lonely and bored men living alone in a city, hiring escorts is an easy and fun way of dealing with the boredom and spending some nice time with a girl who really cared about what you want. Naturally, there are numerous agencies in the country who offer escorts for your pleasure and happiness. But if this is the first time you have booked an escort then you must surely be a little anxious about how it will go!

Though the time spent with an escort is usually fun and pleasurable, there are quite a few things that you ought to keep in mind as a first timer:

Confirm your meeting

Once you have booked an escort, you will be provided a particular time and location as to when and where the girl will meet you. However, on the day if the meeting, it would be prudent that you call up the girl or the agency to ensure that you have the right time and location. Doing this can save you from the embarrassment if there has been any last minute changes. You do not want the girl to be waiting.

Be polite

Most escorts in Mumbai in the present industry are sophisticated girls and women from respectable families and they do not accept ill behavior at all. When you talk with the girl for the first time, whether that be face-to-face or over the phone/email, make sure that you talk very respectfully. Introduce yourself very politely and ask her about herself in the same manner. In no way, should you sound rude or disrespectful. If you earn a bad repute as a client, you may never get good girls in the future.

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Sex talk? Never!

Another thing that you should keep in mind while dealing with an escort, irrespective of whether it is your first time or not, is that you should never start with a sex talk. Escorts do provide sexual pleasurable services but they aren’t prostitutes who mainly offer sex services. Escorts are more like companions or girlfriends who will be with you to please you in several ways, including sex but sex is not the sole duty of an escort. So, starting off by talking about sex is a total no-no. It can displease most escorts and the date may turn sour. Instead, it would be preferable if you start off with introducing yourself, sharing your feelings and moods and so on and once you both are in sync, move to love-making naturally, without talking about it.

Respect her limits

When you hire an escort, you are usually informed about the services a particular girl may provide or things that she doesn’t do or like. Make sure that you never force the girl to do something against her wishes. Even though you may have already been informed by her agency, it is wise to ask the girl personally about her choices/limits and stick to them strictly, unless she desires to cross them. She is here to make you happy and relaxed and you need to take care of her as well.

Be discreet

Another thing that you need to learn as a first timer and remember forever is to being discreet while dealing with an escort. Remember, most of these women wouldn’t want to advertise their services to one and all and you need to be mindful about that as well. So, make sure that you do not talk about her publicly.

If you two are meeting at a hotel room, never ever mention her name in the hotel lobby or ask about her at the concierge. Since these women have different working names, the hotel authorities may become suspicious if there is a name mismatch. If you have any questions, call her up while you are at your house and get to know exactly how to find her like her room number, etc. She doesn’t want unwanted publicity and don’t do that by calling out her name loudly in a public vehicle or outside her room. Just say that it’s you or use an identification phrase and buzz in.

Be groomed

Always groom yourself before you meet the escort, once and always. Always remember to take a bath before you go to meet her or you may also take a shower at her place if that suits you. Also, keep your nails and beard trimmed and soft. You do not want to hurt the girl while being passionate. Dressing sober is also important. Escorts, like any other girl, don’t like shabbily dressed men by their side or in their bed. Do not irk her by dressing distastefully.

Ask what you want

If you are meeting an escort for the first time be sure to tell her what you are looking for and she will decide how your desire can be fulfilled. Do not hide any dark or wild fantasies that you may have. Knowing what your desires are will help her fulfilling them more easily and in ways you may have never imagined before. These girls are experts at what they do and they can make you live the best moments of your life.

Be straightforward

Most men often find themselves in a dilemma about how they should pay the girl. Unless you have ordered for a prepaid service, you would need to pay the girl for her services and that should be done in a pretty straightforward manner. Do not be clumsy or hesitant about how you should pay her. This would make the situation embarrassing for both of you.

Instead, put the money in an envelope and place it on a table or mantelpiece where it is in clear view so that she needn’t ask for it. Be sure not to count the money in front of the girl. That is pretty indecent and will make the girl uneasy.

Follow these simple tips and you will surely be able to rock your first date with an escort girl.