Delhi Escorts Love-:The romance story


Escorts still fall in love and want to meet the right person to settle down with. Although our Escort Girls in Delhi love to meet new clients and enjoy spending time getting to know them and what they enjoy, our Delhi Escorts Girl sometimes can fantasies about meeting a client who they will fall in love with.

Our Escorts in Delhi love to imagine they’ll meet someone who can look after them so they don’t need to work as an Escort anymore and be in a loving relationship. This is what a lot of women fantasize about and our Sexy Delhi Escorts Girl are exactly the same. Some of our Escort Girls have fallen in love with a client and vice versa and there have been some really romantic stories over the years where our Delhi independent Escorts and clients have settled down or stayed friends together.

What A Time Of Life?

Delhi Escorts

We had some really good times together, we got to know what each other liked in the bedroom and we shared some new sexy experiences together before I met him I would never have had a threesome but he persuaded me to sleep with him and this other man he knew during one of the weekends.

I did because I was turned on and I really loved the experience but it wasn’t something I’d experienced before. I was a turn on though and after the other man went and my client fussed around me, we spend the rest of the afternoon kissing and making love so it all felt a genuine relationship to me. We met a couple more times and made love, went for dinner did the usual things you would do in a relationship.

Heart will break yet I decided!

Other Escorts from the Escort Agency had warned me not to fall in love as I would get hurt but I decided this was the real deal. Anyway, after another romantic weekend away he didn’t book me again and it had been a couple of weeks. So, I messaged his phone number a few times to check he was OK and asked to meet and he replied saying he loved spending time with me but he wants to meet other Delhi Escort Girls now as he doesn’t want to settle down.

I was heartbroken, it was really upsetting and in the meantime, hadn’t been meeting any other clients as I had feelings for him. I eventually got over it but I’m a bit more careful now with my feelings towards my clients and I warn new Escort Girls the same. I do know some stories where the escort girl loves her client and its worked out with them but I’d always personally be really wary.

Really Delhi Escort Girls So Romantic

Some of our Escort Girls in Delhi are romantic and love to get to know their clients on a personal basis. For a companionship experience, you could try our traditional Girlfriend Experience (GFE), this is perfect if you want all the fun aspects of having a girlfriend with no responsibilities.