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To say or not to say but one thing is very important in everyone’s life and that is happiness, someone find it in watching TV or playing sports and others find it in enjoying with their partners in the private; but what about the one who are single or separated and still need happiness in private. Not to worry about the ordeal because this is what for VIP Mumbai Escorts are meant for and when someone need the happiness in private times then they can go online and find for the best Mumbai escort service provider and choose a companion for their luxury times to have some fun filled moments to spend with. If you agree with what I am saying then you must be the one who wants to live the life of a bird flying in open air and loves Independence, so am I ; you know why? Of course everyone loves independence and I am also working as an Independent escort in Mumbai who offer private companionship to those selected high class and elite gentlemen who worth my company.

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I am very much happy to seeing your fingers are on my about me page. If you are looking for complete fun with hot and sexy high profile Model, Mumbai Escort and all Independent Call Girls then you have reached to Best Model and High Profile Independent Call Girls from Mumbai. I am Ashna Ahuja and 22 Years old with Hot and appealing personality, have 3.5 years of Modeling Career for endorsing the Brand, fashion shows and all special need to complete with passion on demand. So, If you have desires to have fun and thinking me to take out station during the vacation, business trip or special place for uninterrupted session with full enjoyment on demand then I would request you to visit my office and share your need that you are looking for, and would love to help you with on demand to get yourself all pleasant and high quality loving in nature if you have multiple need for official and private need or just for good times for hit and thrilling sessions, and you would have the extremely pleasing personality on demand in all range in day time, for entire night session in New Mumbai and all out station with Hot and Sexy Girls, and Mumbai Escort Professional now with best matching to your search.

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As an Independent Escort in Mumbai Service provider and High profile Modeling being, I am all open and willing to give you myself to you where you get the complete session in all friendly and highly pleasant from me on demand as long you wish like to be loved with. As queen of making time and taste in you like now for all high quality fun on your official visit and all special funding with ultimate pleasure for all New Mumbai and out station and all special official need for event’s, party and business meetings with high quality fun where you get the complete satisfaction thought out the session.

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You have landed on the perfect spot on the off chance that you are looking for the best Mumbai Escorts. Under the lead of this office, the young Girls that you will experience are basically unequalled and have no correlation. Every last young lady is basically brilliant on all fronts right from body shape to the sizes. It would likewise regard say that the young Girls of this office have been gathered and accumulated from every last corner of south India. They have experienced a hard investigation to get chose for this office.

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The explanation for why individuals move to proficient buddy services lies in the complete satisfaction that they get in the company of these escorts in Mumbai. Keeping in perspective the same, every single of our young lady plays out her employment offering sublime execution with development and freshness past any imperfection. We have customized our Mumbai escorts services. Keeping in perspective the Sensual necessities of the present day man and the individuals who put stock in the in-your-face love-production Every single session that you have with our young Girls is absolutely intensely Sizzling wherein a completely ensure of the complete satisfaction and fulfillment is the method for expert life.

how our VIP Escorts Service in Mumbai is different?

Well, you can get hold of VIP Escorts Service in Mumbai in any part of this town because you know well that girls are hungry for men like you and they are also looking to get down with men like you, so that they can serve you well with their escorts service in Mumbai. But how do the escorts service in Mumbai are any different from those provided by those locals? What makes us so good at bringing clients in touch with premium class escorts service in Mumbai that other agencies aren’t able to do so?

  • The first and the most deciding reason is that our escorts service in Mumbai are available to all our clients at the most affordable rates, our clients can enjoy the best of the girls and the hottest of the bodies in the town whenever they want with our escorts service in Mumbai. Which are as affordable as they can get, you will find this intriguing but when we tell you that our escorts service in Mumbai are affordable and attractive at the same time all our girls are skilled as well, so you get not only the best escorts service in Mumbai but you also get the guaranteed satisfaction as well. so are you ready to enjoy our escorts service in Mumbai such that you don’t even have to bother about the money or your bank balance? Well, then call and book our escorts service in Mumbai right away if you can’t resist any more from the likes of our services.
  • Given that our escorts service in Mumbai are so loved by our clients, you will never be bored of them because we are always updating the huge list of our escorts service in Mumbai provided by our girls so that our clients have something new to taste whenever they visit us. And not only that, when you choose our escorts service in Mumbai, you will get to see new girls and enjoy them as well because we know how monotonous it can get but our escorts service in Mumbai will never be monotonous to you at any cost. So, book our escorts service in Mumbai right now if you also desire a different and unique experience every time you visit us for your pleasure. We promise that our escorts service in Mumbai will never cease to amaze you.
  • Also the most important reason that makes us the best n giving our clients the best time of their lives is that our escorts service in Mumbai are secured and anonymous. You will never have the slightest of possibilities of your identity being leaked or anything like that because our escorts service in Mumbai are secured just to give you worriless experience. So, opt for our escorts service in Mumbai if you are tired of fake promises from other local agencies. We will never con you with our escorts service in Mumbai and we will never charge you any extra as well.
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Why Only ME When There is Lot of Other Escorts in Mumbai

Well everyone who visit some escort girls online profile and then get in touch to her or her manager they throw one question very often 'What is so special about this girl?' And seriously no-one actually gonna understand the answer provided special in our case. As a case one gentleman from Aerocity(actually staying there), who landed on our website searching for Mumbai Escorts, asked the same question and also said I can get other girls from other escort agencies in Mumbai for less than 30 thousand for a full night service then why should I pay multiple Lacs for her for just a few hrs of meeting. When told to him the answer he was not actually convinced coz he was not able to understand as he was tight in his pants and was not able to use his mind and think on what has been told to him that time. So if you really want to hear the answer then just remember one thing when you look for escort service then you actually look for enjoyment and fund and it is never one-sided, so if both persons are enjoying then it is worth it else it’s a waste and you will remain at the position where you started. Why our VIP Escorts in Mumbai so special read something below.

  1. You should not waste your time if you are not interested in high profile Mumbai escorts
  2. Not all the girls who look beautiful in pics are actually attractive in real time, as there are thousands of free software and mobile apps which can change the pics and create an angel out of a housemaid itself - You know what I mean to say actually
  3. What you prefer
    • One girl meeting seven People in a day OR
    • One girl meeting a person ONCE in 7 days.
  4. If you have chosen the second option from above then You can imagine how much that girl will enjoy with anyone when she get laid only once in seven days. But except from our escort service in Mumbai all other are sending their girls like morning to the time they just get exhausted with the last people coming to get them inside bed. You can imagine how much they can enjoy with the last person they meet in the night - And what about the next morning OMG! Some more guys are already queued up for the coming morning.
  5. So now those Mumbai escort girls meet a numerous people in a day and they iterate the process everyday then only 2 questions arise in mind
    • When they get time for their Grooming?
    • How much Hygiene is left with them?
    • Do these escort girls in Mumbai consume some kind of drugs to be such non-stop sex machine?
    • If they consume Drugs, are they Drug addicts?
    • If they are drug addicts, are they FREE from Sexually Transmitted Diseases like HIV, HERPES and much more?
    • ONE BIG QUESTION, Do you want to spend time and get in physical relationship with such girls having life-threatening diseases?
  6. Now when your mind has been shaken with the naked truth of the escort industry in Mumbai, let me clear the perspective of our "SPECIAL" Mumbai Escorts
    • All are in some other industry as a professional like - Working in MNCs full time, Running NGOs, Actually studying in College (full-time), Some are Designers, Some are Models, Some are Airhostess(not like others who just name it, we actually have), School Teachers, Managers in companies, Married housewife and much more.
    • They are not available instantly as they do not do Full time and need a good amount of time in notice (say 4 to 6 hrs or a day earlier is better, sometimes you have make a week long waiting as they can be stuck up with their personal commitments).
    • They earn from being a Mumbai escort just to spend on their grooming and keep them in well hygiene and remain free from any kind of bad habits.
    • Other escorts in Mumbai earn 10 x 6 x 7 days = 4,20,000 in a week and our escorts earn only 1 Lac to 3 Lacs in a week only meeting once.
    • Other escorts spend 80% of their money for various illegal drugs(Which they cannot continue after 8th november 2016 as Modi Ji banned the black money) but our escorts spend totally spend on themselves to remain healthy and hygienic
    • Our escorts give full 3 hrs or maybe more than that in a short meeting and 8-12 hrs at least in overnight meetings, what other do I need not to explain because if you are reading this then you have already gone through those bad and sometimes horrible experiences.
    • What we show(pictures) the girls or models are much more beautiful and gorgeous than that in real time, of course they are the same ones which is in picture. And to explain it you click a picture of a very beautiful lady in a public place and then feel the picture (beautiful people are less photogenic).
  7. What are you reading man, just go to the contact page and book your date, none of our escorts in Mumbai are available on instant calls